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Our StorY

Our founder’s grandmother lost her life to a C Diff infection that she acquired while staying in a hospital. We learned C Diff infections are common in hospitals and entirely preventable with access to soap and water. In a hospital, it can be tough for patients to have access to wash their hands, especially when they're confined to a bed.

We created The Portare to make portable hand-washing more accessible and save the lives of grandparents everywhere.



Hand washing. You could say she’s obsessed with it! She knew there had to be a way to provide simple hand washing for all.

Angie Washburn is a respiratory therapist who built her career in Healthcare. She’s also been personally affected by lack of hand-washing when she lost a loved one.

Things that keep her up at night include:

  • Why don’t people wash their hands?
  • Why is hand washing not part of the patient care plan in healthcare?
  • How can we better educate the population on the importance of washing with soap and water on a

    regular basis?