Announcing… The Portare!

The world’s first portable hand washing sink.


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Save a million lives

By providing access to education and tools for hand washing with soap and water, we can save lives and prevent the spread of illness.

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Our Story

Our founder’s grandmother lost her life after complications with a hospital acquired CDIFF (Clostridium difficile) infection that she acquired while staying in the hospital. We learned CDIFF infections are common in hospitals and preventable with patient access to soap and water. In a hospital, it can be tough for patients to have access to soap and water on a regular basis to wash their hands, especially when they are confined to a bed.

We created The Portare to make portable hand-washing more accessible and save the lives of grandparents everywhere.

Our approach is simple:

  1. Educate the patient and family.
  2. Provide access to regular hand washing with soap and water.
  3. Track completion for adherence.

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Compact, Reusable, and Portable Wash/Rinse Station

  • Portable and reusable stand alone wash and rinse unit.
  • The ability to wash hands with soap and water on-the-go, anywhere, anytime.
  • Currently accepting pre-orders on unit.

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Meet Angie!

Hand washing. You could say she’s obsessed with it! She knew there had to be a way to provide simple hand washing for all.

Angie Washburn is a respiratory therapist that built her career in Business and Healthcare. She’s also been personally affected by lack of hand-washing when she lost a loved one.

Things that keep her up at night include:

  • Why don’t people wash their hands?
  • Why is hand washing not part of the patient care plan in healthcare?
  • How can we better educate the population on the importance of washing with soap and water on a regular basis?
  • What if we made hand washing systematic?

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